04. December 2020

E15: Tesla (🇨🇿)

I presented at the online conference called New Technology organized by E15. Below is a pre-recorded video of my talk - about Tesla’s past and future, as well as a recording of the live conference.

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21. October 2015

Xcode Server Tutorials: 4. Certificates & Provisioning Profiles

Welcome back! Today we’ll cover the last piece of making Xcode Server a viable CI tool for shipping apps: code signing. Code signing is an important part of the outstanding security of iOS, Mac, Watch and now TV apps on Apple’s platforms. However, managing code signing is still an involved process for beginners, even though Apple has been working hard to abstract away many of the details with recent releases of Xcode. Unfortunately, those improvements haven’t really trickled down to Xcode Server yet, so we’ll need to get our hands dirty to make it archive apps for us and let us test on real iOS devices. Shall we?

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14. September 2015

Xcode Server Hacks: 3. Install CLI tools for _xcsbuildd

In Tutorial 3: Prebuild & Postbuild Scripts we discussed running many useful tools like CocoaPods and fastlane with each Integration of our code. However, this became a bit more complicated with the introduction of the new rootless mode in OS X El Cap. Also, if you prefer to use version managers like rvm, nvm for your Ruby and Node versions, this will help you keep using them instead of having to install your CLI tools globally.

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17. August 2015

Xcode Server Tutorials: 3. Prebuild & Postbuild Scripts

Great to see that you’re hungry for more Xcode Server goodies! And boy, do I have plenty of them for you today. We’ll talk all about prebuild and postbuild scripts. These might initially sound boring, but soon you’ll see that they are in fact very interesting - they allow you to plug in tools like CocoaPods and fastlane, which can easily revolutionize your complete testing and deployment workflow. From messaging you on Slack when your build finishes to automatically uploading builds to the App Store, nothing is impossible. So let’s get started!

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12. August 2015

Xcode Server Hacks: 2. Taking control with xcscontrol

Update 27th Aug, 2015: For easier management of Xcode Server from the command line, I created a tool called xcskarel!

Welcome to the first Xcode Server Hack! As you might know, Xcode Server Tutorials are aimed at step by step instructions for Xcode Server users. However, I also needed a format in which to write these (mostly more advanced) random hacks and debugging tips I’ve collected along the way. This is what the Xcode Server Hacks series is for! These articles will to be shorter and always focused on just a single issue. Today? We’ll look at how to get OS X Server (the app I told you you need to get Xcode Server running) out of the mix and control Xcode Server purely from the command line.

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06. August 2015

Xcode Server Tutorials: 2. Integrations

Ok, time to stop celebrating your success from Part 1 where you got to install Xcode Server and created your very first Bot, which checked out and tested my demo project from GitHub. I left you just after you created your Bot, which, as you probably saw, triggered the first Integration of your Bot. Today, we will look at what this means and how to take advantage of Xcode’s beautiful visualizations of Integration results.

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04. August 2015

Xcode Server Tutorials: 1. Getting Started

We all know how it works. Your iOS teammate works on a feature branch for weeks and he doesn’t merge changes from other people into his branch during this time. Then your PM starts pushing the team to deliver said feature, so a pull request is created, people skim over the code (because it contains four thousand additions), and when it’s been reviewed “enough”, you just merge it and all is good. Right?


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