12. August 2015

Xcode Server Hacks: 2. Taking control with xcscontrol

Update 27th Aug, 2015: For easier management of Xcode Server from the command line, I created a tool called xcskarel!

Welcome to the first Xcode Server Hack! As you might know, Xcode Server Tutorials are aimed at step by step instructions for Xcode Server users. However, I also needed a format in which to write these (mostly more advanced) random hacks and debugging tips I’ve collected along the way. This is what the Xcode Server Hacks series is for! These articles will to be shorter and always focused on just a single issue. Today? We’ll look at how to get OS X Server (the app I told you you need to get Xcode Server running) out of the mix and control Xcode Server purely from the command line.

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06. August 2015

Xcode Server Tutorials: 2. Integrations

Ok, time to stop celebrating your success from Part 1 where you got to install Xcode Server and created your very first Bot, which checked out and tested my demo project from GitHub. I left you just after you created your Bot, which, as you probably saw, triggered the first Integration of your Bot. Today, we will look at what this means and how to take advantage of Xcode’s beautiful visualizations of Integration results.

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04. August 2015

Xcode Server Tutorials: 1. Getting Started

We all know how it works. Your iOS teammate works on a feature branch for weeks and he doesn’t merge changes from other people into his branch during this time. Then your PM starts pushing the team to deliver said feature, so a pull request is created, people skim over the code (because it contains four thousand additions), and when it’s been reviewed “enough”, you just merge it and all is good. Right?


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04. May 2015

Xcode Server Hacks: 1. Under the Hood of Xcode Server

As part of building a project called Buildasaur, I had a chance to explore the ins and outs of Xcode Server. Xcode Server is a combination of two of Apple’s apps, OS X Server and Xcode. Together, they can provide a continuous integration server for your repository. Today, I’ll talk about how Xcode Server works under the hood, which open source frameworks it uses internally and I’ll even show you how to connect to its hidden API. We have a lot to cover, so let’s get started!

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19. April 2015

WWDC and my Origin Story

I’m going to WWDC 2015! Odds were in my favour, apparently, and after two years of not having a sponsor and a year of sucking at lotteries, I have finally been given the chance to see Moscone Center at the biggest Apple event of the year.

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07. March 2015

On TypeScript and ass-saving

I might be Mr. Obvious today, but please bear with me.

When I started learning Javascript in the context of writing server-side Node.js code, I really enjoyed the simplicity and the lack of initial work that has to be put in to get a quick server running. The complete dynamism of Javascript turned out to be a double-edged sword, however.

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05. February 2015

On SwiftKey for iOS 1.2

Yesterday we released a big update to SwiftKey for iOS, bringing emoji, click sounds, more languages and Flow on iPad. Update in the AppStore, if it hasn’t automatically yet and if you have a second to spare, please leave us a nice review!

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04. February 2015

On My Favorite Podcasts, Ep. 1 - The Talk Show

Many of my friends have noticed that I often start a sentence by saying: ”I was listening to this podcasts…”. Truth is, I spend hours listening to podcasts each day and as such they have become one of my main sources of random information. Some people ask me which podcasts they should start with, if they wanted to take up listening as well - which lead me to put together a series of blog posts about the podcasts I listen to.

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03. February 2015

On Jobs’ (famous) dislike of styli

Ever since rumours of some new future iPad also supporting a first party stylus started flying around, some people in the Twitter-sphere seem to be way over excited. But not because they’d want to buy one, but due to a chance to call out Apple for hypocrisy. Let me explain.

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