My name is Honza Dvorsky and I’m a software engineer on the Developer Tools team at Apple. I also studied MSc in Advanced Computing at King’s College London, created a few open source projects in my free time and I helped build SwiftKey for iOS. I swim, travel and type text, gradually less of which compiles.

📱 Open Source Software Projects I’ve created:

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👔 Companies I’ve worked at:

  • Apple (Czech Republic/USA) - Software Engineer - 10/2016-now

    • My Role: Software Engineer on the Developer Tools team
  • SwiftKey (London, UK) - iOS Developer - 01/2014-09/2015

    • My Role: iOS Developer helping build the most popular 3rd party keyboard, SwiftKey for iOS, which reached #1 Free App in the US App Store in September 2014 with over one million downloads in the first 24 hours. It was later selected by Apple as one of the Best Apps of 2014 on the App Store. The Verge rated us as the only keyboard better than the built-in system keyboard on iOS.
    • My Responsibilities: code architecture, OpenGL rendering for SwiftKey Flow, continuous integration stack, unit & functional testing stack, memory analysis & optimization, implementation of several keyboard features, complex multithreading & synchronization and more.
    • I also narrated our Christmas video.
  • Acrobits (Prague, Czech Rep.) - iOS Developer - 08/2011-12/2013

    • My Role: iOS Developer creating an innovative iPad interface for Acrobits Softphone, the market-leading SIP VoIP mobile client.
    • My Responsibilities: coming up with the iPad interface, working with a designer, implementing the whole app.

🎓 Schools I’ve attended:

👾 Artificial Intelligence Projects I’ve created:

  • HyperGP - Using genetic programming of neural networks to teach robots how to walk without any prior knowledge of what the robot looks like. Implemented in C++, I wrote a paper on the algorithm used (click for pretty videos of walking robots).