After I published my article Under the Hood of Xcode Server in May 2015, I had many people asking me for a less advanced article on how to set up Xcode Server from scratch. So I wrote one. And then another one. This multi-part series called Xcode Server Tutorials guides you through installing Xcode Server, explains how to control it from Xcode, what each screen means and it also includes tips and tricks that I’ve discovered over the past months of using Xcode Server in production.

Starting off with simple topics, over the series I’ll show you how to set up more complicated workflows with distribution provisioning profiles, Over-The-Air app installation and private CocoaPods. Eventually we’ll travel all the way to the edges of what I know about Xcode Server, namely to its (now open) API and we’ll make it even more capable by integrating with tools like Buildasaur and fastlane.

While tutorials are meant to be easy to understand for beginners, I’m also writing a series in parallel called Xcode Server Hacks, where I can let myself go a little inside-baseball, but I wouldn’t necessarily recommend you to try this at home. If you read all the Tutorials and you’d like to understand more how Xcode Server does things under the hood and maybe, how to make it do things that it probably wasn’t designed for, take a look at Hacks. I’ll cover more advanced debugging tips there as well (which might be too heavy for a Tutorial).

For questions or comments, I’m @czechboy0 on Twitter. Enjoy! 👍